Secured_Transactions_-_RMI.jpg thumb

Vinstar success in implementing secured transactions in the Marshall Islands

MPMC_Certs_3.jpg thumb

Vinstar Executive Director Nalayini Brito, MPMC CEO Vaosa Epa and ACEO Shem Leo at an award ceremony in Apia

Hutton_at_BSL.JPG thumb

Supporting SOE reform in Kiribati – reviewing the stores at a government-owned shipyard

Kiribati_-_Wishing_Star_4_-_May_2012.jpg thumb

Supporting SOE reform in Kiribati – the benefits to the community of private ownership of an ex government-owned supply company

Successnews.jpg thumb

Executive Director Nalayini Brito with the Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank Ziaul Siddiqui and former New Zealand Reserve Bank Governor Dr Don Brash, at a strategic planning seminar organised by Vinstar.

MPMC_Certificates.jpg thumb

Vinstar team members and staff of the Prime Minister’s Ministry in Samoa

CBSF_Study_Tour_1.jpg thumb

Study Tour from the central Bank of Bangladesh in Auckland

Tonga_Course.jpg thumb

Vinstar delivers a strategic planning course in Nuku’alofa

Penjore__RMA.jpg thumb

Vinstar Executive Director Gareth Davies visits Mr Penjore at the Bhutan Royal Monetary Authority

Gareth_-_with_TradeNZ_Award.jpg thumb

Vinstar receives the New Zealand Export Award for the Services Sector

VinstarTeamJan2001.jpg thumb

Members of the Vinstar team in 2001

Gareth__Gun_-_Tarawa.jpg thumb

On the way to work in Betio

Helen_Clarke_letter_2000_NZ_Export_Awards.jpg thumb

A letter to Vinstar from Prime Minister of New Zealand

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